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In order to satisfy the new market necessities, since 2004, we have started a new collaboration with a Chinese society , so that we could offer to our final customers also the opportunity to realize steel injection mould, with fast deliveries and small prices , keeping when requested the final costs still in dollars. We represent for the final customer a stable reference in Europe, useful either to communicate better through our good channels, or as a guarantee to make possible following settlements or modifies when the same mould will arrive here in Europe. We supply "Mould ready to work" for production. Our services are complete and already included in the final prices:
  • Codesign and engineering
  • Mould Project 2D/3D
  • Mould Flow analysis
  • Moulding trials with production of 10-50 kits
  • Dimensional reports of the moulding trials plastic parts and of the mould
  • Packing and air cargo transport of the plastic parts
  • Packing and shipment of the moulds
  • All logistic issues and customs deals till final destinations .
Supplying all these services, we avoid to the final customer, unexpected costs, as moulding trials, that many times are not well considered in the internal production organization, we guarantee the final quality of the products and of the mould, with our 40 years experience in the field and in short time from 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the mould difficulties and dimensions. We are at disposal for any request of quotation.

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