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Aluminium moulds for injection plastic

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Our company was founded in 1975 and it is specialized in the project and construction of moulds and equipments for thermoplastic, polyuretahne and >pDCPD< pieces.

The production is guaranteed by the 40 years experience of the owner and founder, Mr. Giancarlo Antonelli and of highly qualified personnel.

In a market, where everything is based on costs, quantities and efficiency to reach the TIME TO MARKET of the final product, our society since the beginning of the 1990, has centre the production on markets with particulars demands, in order to be flexible in different applications.

In fact the moulds we supply are in:

Moulds for Tuning
Aluminium moulds CAD CAM worked
Steel moulds CAD CAM worked
Casting kersite moulds CAD CAM worked
Casting aluminium moulds CAD CAM worked
Epoxide resin moulds
Ureol models CAD CAM worked
Polystyrene and low density Polyurethane models , CAD CAM worked
Prototypes for tests
Esthetic models

Our moulds are suitable for press machines or with self equipments, from small to large dimensions.

All moulds are project and worked with CAD CAM technology, using Pro- Engineer CAD 3D system for mathematical models and CAM WorkNC to lead the NC machines.

Our moulds satisfied different technologies of moulding, such as injection plastic, vacuum forming, twin sheet moulding, low and high density Polyurethane, PU-RIM, >pDCPD<, RTM, blow moulding, rotation moulding.

Such as :

Injection plastic
Vacuum forming
Twin sheet moulding
Low and high density polyurethane
Blow moulding
Rotation moulding
Our main sectors are:
Dental and electro medical
Digging machines , tractors , trucks and automotive in general
After market and prototype car parts
Coffee machines and Vending
Scales and technical articles in general
The interior surface of the society is 1800 square meters, plus exterior 800 square meters.
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